Radio Airplay & Podcasts

My mashups have been played on many radio stations in the UK and around the world. Below are a few examples...

Donald Where's Your Wellerman? - 24th March 2021
Really cool feature on the BBC Radio Scotland Afternoon Show with Grant Stott & Anna Welander playing my Donald Where's Your Wellerman mashup.

Listen to the whole show via BBC Sounds (fast-forward to 1:21:20 for the Wellerman feature)

Donald Where's Your Wellerman? - 27th March 2021
David Henderson with all the big dance tunes for Scotland's big Saturday night in.

Listen to the whole show via the TD9 website (skip to 52:12 for the Wellerman mashup)

Turbo Suitcase - 26th January 2021
Jessi May live in the mix every Tuesday morning on Select Radio

Listen to a recording of the full second hour on MixCloud (Turbo Suitcase is at 31:07)

Deeper Mashup - 10th January 2021
Live on Decadance Radio - Brighton's new DAB underground dance music station

England Footy Minimix (for Euro 2020) - 10th June 2021
Doctorin' The Parklife - 13th May 2021
Donald Where's Your Wellerman? - 1st April 2021
Of course I play a few of my own tracks on my Phil B Mashup radio show!

England Footy Minimix on Phil B Mashups - Dance FM (whole show)
Doctorin' The Parklife on Phil B Mashups - Dance FM (whole show)
Donald Where's Your Wellerman? on Phil B Mashups - Dance FM (whole show)

Donald Where's Your Wellerman? - 19th February 2021
Turbo Suitcase - 28th January 2021
Deeper Mashup - 19th December 2020
As played on 562 Live Radio - The Beat of Long Beach California!

Deeper Mashup - 20th December 2020
Turbo Suitcase - 20th December 2020
Radio Ouro Verde 105.9FM, live from Brazil

Destination Mashed - 16th June 2007
In the mix with Ant Nichols on the Kiss FM Friday Mix show

Believe in Happiness - 9th April 2009
Bootie Luv Fantasy - 3rd May 2008
Sim Courtie on BFBS Radio - the Friday/Saturday Mash - entertaining the troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond

England Footy Minimix - 29th June 2006
Annie Mac's mashup with Tayo on BBC Radio 1

Bootie Luv Fantasy - 17th March 2009
James Lewis on digging into the bootleg file for another mashup

Linus Vogue - 11th April 2009
A short clip of this being played by Christophe Aps on Belgium's Radio 106.4FM Land Van Waas

Destination Mashed - 14th July 2007
Mixed up in Newcastle's NE1FM Mashed Hour

Listen to a recording of the full programme on MixCloud (Destination Mashed is 27:24)

Destination Mashed - 28th April 2009
Mashed up 'down under' on Clubbers Radio - Australia's number one choice for new and classic dance

If you know of other radio airplay of my tracks please can you email me the details.
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