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Emails & Feedback

If you would like to get in touch to say hi, suggest a mashup or for a shout out on the radio, please email me at or tweet @PhilBMashups.

Plus you can find me on my socials - please give me a follow!
YouTube, SoundCloud, MixCloud, TikTok, Instagram, Threads & Twitter / X.

Coffee Time

I create mashups just for the love of it. Which is fine, but unfortunately this doesn't help pay the bills! If you like what you hear and would like to shout me a coffee or two then please give a tip below. Thank you 🙏🙏

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Straight to the MP3s for downloading...

PhilB-BackTo9PM-RadioEdit.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-BackTo9PM-Extended.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-BlueMondayHoudini-RadioEdit.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-BlueMondayHoudini-Extended-Mix.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-BlueMondayHoudini-XXL-Extended-Mix.mp3 (XXL Extended Mix)
PhilB-Dimension-ItsThatTimeToTurnItUp-RadioEdit.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-Dimension-ItsThatTimeToTurnItUp-ExtendedVersion.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-ToriAmosNDaClub.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-ToriAmosNDaClubExtended.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-MiamiMusicIsTheAnswer.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-MiamiMusicIsTheAnswerExtended.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-OutOutMiracle.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-OutOutMiracleExtended.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-Britney1999ShortEdit.mp3 (1 Minute Short Edit)
PhilB-Britney1999.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-Britney1999Extended.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-HallucinationMashV2.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-HallucinationMash-ExtendedV2.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-DoctorinTheParklife.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-DoctorinTheParklifeExtended.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-DonaldWheresYourWellerman.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-DonaldWheresYourWellermanExtended.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-TurboSuitcase.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-TurboSuitcaseExtended.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-DeeperMashup.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-DeeperMashupExtended.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-DestinationMashed.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-DestinationMashedExtended.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-BelieveInHappiness.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-BelieveInHappinessExtended.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-BootieLuvFantasy.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-BootieLuvFantasyExtended.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)
PhilB-LinusVogue.mp3 (Radio Edit)
PhilB-LinusVogueExtended.mp3 (Extended Club Mix)


Longer Mashed Mixes

PhilB-CantonaOhMyGoodnessMe.mp3 (Original)
PhilB-CantonaOhMyGoodnessMeAlternative.mp3 (Alternative Version)


Download or watch Phil B tracks & shows

Phil B - SoundCloud
- Most of my tracks are available to download from SoundCloud

Phil B - MixCloud
- Listen to Phil B longer mixes and radio shows on MixCloud

Phil B - YouTube channel
- Watch a selection of my tracks on the Phil B Mashups & Mixes YouTube channel

Phil B - TikTok
- Short videos and nonsense on TikTok

Find other mashups, bootlegs, tunes etc
- Your bootie and mashup source

Bootie Mashup
- From San Francisco, playing the best mashups in the world since 2003

Bootie Mashup on Reddit
- Mashup talk, videos, MP3s etc. on the new Bootie Mashup subreddit!

The Mashup
- Subscribe for exclusive mashups, acapellas and other DJ stuff

Favourite Mashups YouTube playlist
- All the best mashup videos in one place
- The home of mashups

Smash The Club
- Tracks from the best DJs & producers from all over the world

Radio Clash
- Mashup podcast and blog

The Bootleg Archive (or via the Internet Archive)
- A library of classic mashups, bootlegs and bastard pop from years past

Sowndhaus Mashups
- Find more mashups on Sowndhaus

Mashup Town
- Back in the day it was THE place for mashups.
  Am still hoping it will rise again sometime soon! Please show them some love 😀

DJ & radio stuff

Decadance UK
- Upfront underground dance music station on DAB in Brighton & Bristol
**Home of the Phil B Midday Mix Bloc - more details here**

562 Live Radio
- The Beat of Long Beach California
**Home of the Phil B Mashups radio show in America - more details here**

Beat Radio World
- Only the best DJs! 24 hours a day from Mexico
- Online dance radio station, playing the best in rhythm & dance music

The Dance Music Archive
- 30 years of electronic music history with DJ mixes, radio shows, live sets, festival
  broadcasts, lost tapes, blogs, artwork, magazines and forgotten recordings.

Select Radio
- The finest House & Electronic Music from across the spectrum

Flex FM
- London and surrounding counties. Est. 1992 past / present / future

- Pirate dance radio for the south coast


The KLF Re-enactment Society
- re-enacted events in the history of The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, The Timelords,
  The KLF, The K Foundation, The One World Orchestra, 2K but not K2 Plant Hire Ltd.

KLF Online
- Welcome to the trance

KLF YouTube playlist
- KLF hits, rare versions, unreleased tracks & exclusives