Phil B Mashups - Weekend of 29th September

#PhilBMashups Radio Show 28 - Weekend of 29th September 2023

Please join me for my monthly #PhilBMashups radio show on stations in the UK and around the world. Full details below.

* XPR1 - Friday September 29th 8PM (WEST / BST), The Canary Islands, Spain
* Pidi Radio - Friday September 29th 10PM (CET), Amsterdam, the Netherlands
* Decadance UK - Friday night / Saturday morning 3AM, Brighton & Bristol, UK
* West Coast Radio - Saturday Sept 30th 6PM & 11PM (NZST), Aukland, New Zealand
* Mix365 Radio - Saturday September 30th 7PM (PST), UK
* 562 Live Radio - Saturday September 30th 8PM (PST), California, USA
* - Sunday October 1st 7PM (BST), UK & Ireland
* MPB Radio 1 Dance - Sunday October 1st 7PM (BST), the Netherlands
* Sauce Radio - Monday October 2nd 6PM (BST), Manchester, UK
* Beat Radio World - Wednesday 7AM, 3PM & 11PM (CDT), Mexico
* In2Beats 106.5FM - dates & times vary, Bedford, UK

Tweet me now @PhilBMashups if you would like a request or a shout out on the show.

Tracklistings for the show will be added here soon after broadcast.

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