Phil B Mashups - Weekend of 27th Oct 2023

#PhilBMashups Radio Show 29 "Strictly For The Oldskool"

Another eclectic mashup selection including a load of old skool classics, a drum 'n bass mix and even some rock 'n roll!
As played on radio stations around the world on the last weekend in October.

* XPR1 - Friday October 27th 8PM (WEST / BST), The Canary Islands, Spain
* Pidi Radio - Friday October 27th 10PM (CET), Amsterdam, the Netherlands
* Decadance UK - Friday night / Saturday morning 3AM, Brighton & Bristol, UK
* West Coast Radio - Saturday Oct 28th 6PM & 11PM (NZST), Aukland, New Zealand
* Mix365 Radio - Saturday October 28th 7PM (BST), UK
* River Radio - Saturday October 28th 7PM (BST), Derry/Londonderry, N Ireland, UK
* 562 Live Radio - Saturday October 28th 8PM (PST), California, USA
* - Sunday October 29th 7PM (BST), UK & Ireland
* MPB Radio 1 Dance - Sunday October 29th 7PM (BST), Castlebar, Ireland
* Studio Sounds Radio - Sunday October 29th 8PM (CEST), Dusseldorf, Germany
* Beat Radio World - Wednesday November 1st 12AM, 8AM & 4PM (CDT), Mexico
* In2Beats 106.5FM - dates & times vary, Bedford, UK

# Title Artist Timing
1 Where Love Lives x It's What Upfront That Counts (Alison Limerick v Yosh v Luv Foundation) G Fire 00:00
2 Can't Get Enough v Talamanca (Soulsearcher v Burns) G Fire 04:28
3 Touch Me x Playing With Knives (Rui Da Silva v Bizzare Inc v Kream) G Fire 07:56
4 Missing The Sun (EBGT v Planet Funk) HallMighty 10:08
5 Vintage Culture Vs Danny Tenaglia & Celeda - Agape Is The Answer DJs From Mars 13:52
6 Pacific State v Passion v The One (808 State v Amen Uk v Jon) G Fire 15:22
7 Passion x Self Control (Amen UK v Klubbheads) G Fire 17:29
8 Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding v OT Quartet Vs Massano - Hold That Miracle Feeling Down DJs From Mars 19:28
9 Bad Girls Got Tension (Kylie v Donna Summer) HallMighty & MarkJMix 22:42
10 Lost In Too Much Music (Sister Sledge v Jake Shears) DJ Giac 26:34
11 Now That I Can Nae Nae (The Contours - Do You Love Me v Silentó - Watch Me (WhipNae Nae)) DJ Griffey 29:13
12 Shape Of TMO (Ed Sheeran Vs Luude, Bru C & Kevin Lyttle) ELH Mashup 30:47
13 Pass Out Misery Business (Paramore v Tinie Tempah) Lewis Wake 34:11
14 Boo'd Up Life's A Bitch (VIP Mix) (Ella Mae v SUB X) Glenn-D 36:57
15 I Am The Walrus Meat (The Beatles v Nick Jonas) Happy Cat Disco 41:02
16 Funky loser (Beck v Soul Toranodoes) DRA'man 43:35
17 We Will Funk You (Britney Spears Beyonce, P!nk v Queen, Alan Parker, James Brown, Clown Prince) DRA'man 46:37
18 In the BLOODRAVE Tonight (Phil Collins v Dreamreaper & MAGNAVOLT) MasDaMind 48:55
19 Anti-Hero God (Taylor Swift v Ghost Data) Aggro1 53:30

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