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Dimension - It's That Time To Turn It Up (Phil B Mashup)

Marlon Hoffstadt - It's That Time (Dimension Remix) v Dimension - DJ Turn It Up

Phil B Mashups on stations in the UK, Europe, America & New Zealand

#PhilBMashups Radio Show - end of the year special on the last weekend of 2023.

* XPR1 - Friday December 29th 8PM (WET / GMT), The Canary Islands, Spain
* Pidi Radio - Friday December 29th 10PM (CET), Amsterdam, the Netherlands
* Decadance UK - Friday night / Saturday morning 3AM, Brighton & Bristol, UK
* West Coast Radio - Saturday Dec 30th 6PM & 11PM (NZST), Aukland, New Zealand
* Mix365 Radio - Saturday December 30th 7PM (GMT), UK
* River Radio - Saturday Dec 30th 7PM (GMT), Derry/Londonderry, N Ireland, UK
* Global Music Radio - Saturday December 30th 11PM (GMT), South Wales, UK
* 562 Live Radio - Saturday December 30th 8PM (PST), California, USA
* - NYE Sunday December 31st 7PM (GMT), UK & Ireland
* MPB Radio 1 Dance - NYE Sunday December 31st 7PM (GMT), Castlebar, Ireland
* Studio Sounds Radio - NYE Sunday Dec 31st 8PM (CET), Dusseldorf, Germany
* Beat Radio World - Wednesday January 3rd 2024 12AM, 8AM & 4PM (CST), Mexico

Full tracklistings and more information from November's #PhilBMashups show

Phil B - Midday Mix Bloc on Decadance UK, Brighton & Bristol

Enjoy your lunchbreak with the Midday Mix Bloc every weekday between 12-1 PM (BST) on Decadance UK. I'll be playing all the latest upfront dance tracks plus a few classics in the mix while you eat your sandwiches!

Listen to Decadance UK in and around Brighton & Bristol on DAB+, on, on the smartphone app and on your smart speaker.

Full tracklistings and more information from this MMB show broadcast in July

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